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Welcome to “A” Pallet Company! Family Owned since 1996.

“Your local source for quality pallets and skids”.

All of our pallets are made from the finest quality lumber and are delivered to your business on-time and ready-to-use. We have all types of pallets; from traditional A, B, odd or heavy-duty pallets, new wood and heat treated and custom and unique pallets to fit your needs. If you are looking for box style crates, we can help there too.

We also carry recycled pallets, reconditioned pallets, and used pallets all made from the same quality grade of wood as traditional hardwood pallets.

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**NOW BUYING 48X40 PALLETS**  Contact Us at 317-687-9020

We work with you from start to finish making sure all your pallet needs are met. From the order and delivery to the retrieval and removal, we provide the best you can expect from our full service pallet company.